Monday, February 20, 2017

Natural Products Utilization International Conference “From Plants to Pharmacy Shelf” (ICNPU 2017, October 2017)


This is the third edition of a highly successful (ICNPU 2013 had 230 participants from 40 countries and ICNPU 2015 had 330 attendees from 50 countries) natural product-focused conference. Covered topics include:

Conservation and Sustainable Uses of Natural Resources
Herbal Medicine/Botanical Supplements
Medicinal Chemistry
Molecular Biology and Genetic Engineering (including functional genomics)
Natural Products Chemistry
Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics
Plant Biotechnology
Systems Biology

Own capture from the ICNPU 2017 website

Time and Place

ICNPU 2017 will take place on 18-21 October 2017 at Bansko, Bulgaria. The conference will be held in Grand Hotel Bansko, a 4-star luxury hotel complex situated in the center of Bansko (a leading Bulgarian winter ski resort).

From the ICNPU 2017 website

Further information

List of the invited speakers who confirmed participation and further information about the conference can be viewed at the conference website.


Prof. Atanas G. Atanasov (Dr. habil., PhD)

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  1. can i send a abstarct on ethnomedicine?

    1. Yes, topic related to ethnomedicine fits perfectly, the instructions for the preparation of the abstracts are here:

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